Sparky Kika

Looking for a cute spunky Asian or Native American looking model? Hello and welcome to my modeling page! Here you can find out all about me, see my modeling portfilio and even book me for a photo shoot!

Modeling at a higher level?

Still kinda new, but I have learned allot and have a high level of confidence! I am very flexible and can do poses most models will never be able to. I can jump, Yoga, splits and much more! I have been to a few Artistic Nude training classes with Shelby Palmer and Andia Quentin and have learned many poses I can add to your photography project if needed. I look forward to working with all the great photographers in the Southern California area and learning more at each shoot I book. – “I don’t think you can ever stop learning something new, when it come to modeling!”

My Looks!

I’m sure you guest I am Asian and indeed I am. I can also pull of a Native American look or maybe something like a school girl? Hey you come up with it and lets try it! I can leap through the air or even do a standing split!


About Sparky Kika

Age: 21 – Height: 5′ 0″ -Weight: 80 lbs
Bust: 32″
Waist: 21″
Hips: 26″
Cup: B
Dress: 0
Shoe: 5.5


Ready for some Sparky Images?

I have two types of portfolios on my page. The first is a PG portfolio which is open to the public. The second is an 18+ portfolio that is only for photographers that are interested in booking me for a shoot that requires nudity. (If you are the the second you may request a password through my booking section of the site.)

PG portfolio #1 (Images by FanTCimage)

18+ #1 (Images by FanTCimage) password required!


Yes, lets work together!

I’m a working model and not looking for TF. I’m flexible on rates, specially projects that do not include nudes and think may add to my portfolio (Pay plus TF).  As far as nude goes as long as it is tasteful and the photographer has references etc., I do love shooting it!

Nude Modeling Rates:

In general my rate is $100 per hr. I can make a few exception like not charging for MU time or if it is a longer the 3 hrs shoot (Say a 1/2 day shoot) we can work that out. My minimum rate is $200 if we are shooting anything full nude and maybe $150 if it is just topless. (Same for Implied) Implied Nude or Topless Implied rates will be booked at the same rates.

Non Nude Modeling:

In general I min rate is $100. Doing a shoot requires that I can not work that day so I need to make up for lost wages and $100 is about break even for me please a tad for gas etc.

Booking me for Modeling:

Please, please! This is a short form so please FILL IT OUT! If I can’t figure out how you are or what you want and what the pay rate is I may not get back to you, but if you will it out with all the info – I WILL REPLY ASAP!

Please select all that apply!

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